Technology & Renaturation

Suction Dredging

Watermaster’s own state of the art Cutter Pump is an essential part of the Watermaster concept. Together with the Integrated Watermaster Operating System (IWOS) It enables 50 % to 100 % more effective pumping time compared to traditional machinery Submersible pump allows working in very shallow waters or even from the dry land. It includes two cutter crowns for different kinds of soils and an integrated vegetation cutting knife system. The maximum pumping distance is 1,5 km Watermaster is fully amphibious also when operating with the Cutter Pump.

Sustainable ecologically sound technologies

Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) encompass technologies that have the potential for significantly improved environmental performance relative to other technologies. Broadly speaking, these technologies - protect the environment - are less polluting - use resources in a sustainable manner - recycle more of their wastes and products handle all residual wastes in a more environmentally acceptable way than the technologies for which they are substitutes.

Renaturation Division

In close cooperation and under the supervision of the Guinean government, the Invescorp Renaturation Division connects the nation of Guinea with internationally renowned and experienced experts for current problems to be solved.

Land degradation can severely influence populations livelihood by restricting people from vital ecosystem services (including food and water), increasing the risk of poverty. Facing these challenges Invescorp as part of the Guinean economy and community has decided to take counter measures to make Guinea a thriving nation.